November 12, 2009

Popovers, Popunder



"Popunder" w/ Strawberry Jelly

I came across a recipe from Apartment Therapy's The Kitchn for these dreamy and fluffy popovers the other day and thought that they looked easy enough to make. I was planning on making banana bread that night, but was obviously sidetracked.

My first batch came out smelling great, but didn't puff up. They looked like they were trying to puff up at one point in time and they totally gave up. It was a bit sad! I had a taste anyway and they were a bit chewy (loved it) and surprisingly buttery. Despite the technical failure, the end product was still yummy.

I also used the leftover batter to make "bing" or Chinese crepes, similar to the ones that mom used to make to Peking duck wraps in at home... which reminds me of another dish that I want to make sometime! 

The recipe can be found here.


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