2010 To Do List

My To Do List

This is a simple and fun list of to-learn/do's that I hope to accomplish by December 31, 2010. These items are in no particular order.
  1. Learn how to shuck an oyster and properly shuck a few  on Jan 14
  2. Visit an oyster farm, harvest and shuck my own lunch
  3. Make my own signature mignonette sauce
  4. Read "Mastering Cheese: Lessons for Connoisseurship from a MaƮtre Fromager" by Max McCalman
  5. Learn how to create good cheese tasting plates and design my own
  6. Host a cheese and sake tasting party on Apr 3
  7. Read "In Defense of Food: An Eater's Manifesto" by Michael Pollan on Feb 1
  8. Read "Food Rules: An Eater's Manual" by Michael Pollan
  9. Read "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" by Barbara Kingsolver
  10. Learn how sushi is made
  11. Eat at L'Ecole when M is making magic in the kitchen on Mar 31
  12. Bake Foccacia bread
  13. Go apple picking and make a pie
  14. Master mixing a signature cocktail
  15. Go fishing and then cook my catch on May 30
  16. Write down and make all of my mom's recipes
  17. Make tea-infused hot chocolate
  18. Attend a beer tasting on Feb 3
  19. Visit Chelsea Market, buy an adventurous ingredient and make something
  20. Make Sake Duck
  21. Rate restaurants' Bento Boxes throughout the city ongoing
  22. Read "The End of the Line" by Charles Clover and watch the documentary 
  23. Throw a dumpling making party on Jan 16
  24. Make cupcakes for a friend on Jan 30
  25. Print a book about my food photography
  26. Help organize or promote a food-related fundraiser
  27. Get a hunting license and go duck hunting
  28. Grab a grass-fed beef burger at brgr.
  29. Eat at a restaurant in Brooklyn (I know, I know... baby steps alright?) on May 7
  30. Chart all restaurants that serve grass-fed beef in New York
  31. Throw a cookie-making party and donate the cookies to a good cause/charity
  32. Make a really cute bento box
  33. Photograph a series of eating and drinking shots at a wedding
  34. Read "The Living Shore: Rediscovering a Lost World" by Rowan Jacobsen
  35. Join a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture) on Feb 3
  36. Attend the Vanishing Bees fundraiser and watch the documentary on Feb 4
  37. Check my cholesterol levels
  38. Become proficient in Japanese cuisine terminology
  39. Truss a chicken
  40. Buy a DSLR and macro lens on Mar 21
  41. Attend a seminar or workshop on food photography
  42. Try the Peace Passage Oyster and omasake at Sushi Yasuda on April 24
  43. Have my photo published in a major online food publication on Jan 27
  44. Go on the Sunset Park Taco Crawl
  45. Have a meal on a farm, like Blue Hill Stone Barns
  46. Check out the Captain Lawrence Brewery Tour
  47. Find a bagel with cream cheese for under $1.50
  48. Satisfy late night munchies at Crif Dogs 
  49. Design a poster of all boutique NYC food trucks
  50. Attend an NYC Food Crawl event every season on Feb 28
  51. Take a mixology class
  52. Learn how to sharpen knives at Korin
  53. Volunteer at Greenpoint Rooftop Farm
  54. Compare the regular McDonald's meal to the fancy McDonald's meal
  55. Make green tea ice cream
  56. Fight my way into the Chinatown Cake Club on Mar 27
  57. Learn how to make macarons
  58. Take a class at The Brooklyn Kitchen
  59. Create a photo story about the Green Point Food Market
  60. Help Amy with one of her Stupidly Simple Snacks videos
  61. Visit SakayaNYC and taste sakes throughout Japan's different regions
  62. Read "Sex, Death and Oysters: A Half-Shell Lover's World Tour" by Robb Walsh on April 19
  63. Read "Consider the Oyster: A Shucker's Field Guide" by Patrick McMurray on May 2
  64. Buy an oyster shucking knife on April 22
  65. Go vegetarian for a day
  66. Make chicken fried steak on Mar 6
  67. Learn about the basics of coffee on May 12
  68. Set up an artisanal meat tasting
  69. Host a screening for No Impact Man on May 6 at Euro RSCG
  70. Pack an eco-friendly picnic and enjoy some nice weather
  71. Order cotton candy from the Four Seasons Restaurant
  72. Take a food writing class on May 22
  73. Have a food-related story published in an online publication on April 10
  74. Attend a whisky or scotch tasting
  75. Meet five new people at the LuckyRice Festival on April 29-May 2
  76. Design my own blog template for Peek & Eat
  77. Try some oysters outside of North America
  78. Try an oyster from the Gulf of Mexico
  79. Visit the Brooklyn Outdoor Flea Market
  80. Host a beer & bar snacks tasting
  81. Meet up with other New York Oyster Lovers on April 14
  82. Take a class at the Astor Center
  83. Go on a Day a Whey with Saxelby Cheesemongers 
  84. Check out one of the Best NYC Walking Food Tours
  85. Host an organic pizza & wine tasting
  86. Interview five chefs at The New Taste of UWS on May 22
  87. Try eight different Lobster Rolls
  88. Hold a "Bizarre foods that I like to eat" tasting
  89. Learn three new recipes inspired by random CSA finds
  90. Create a website dedicated to oysters