November 22, 2009

Pizza Party

It's my good friend R's birthday today! To celebrate, we had a pizza making party yesterday. Everyone was asked to bring a (secret) ingredient or two and some cheese. As a double-hitter, I brought three containers of my special Japanese BBQ chicken, which has now been deemed as "The JD" by my friends. JD = Julie's Delight. I deboned and tore up one container of the chicken to use as a topping and offered the rest up to anyone who needed something (ridiculously delicious) to snack on while the pizzas baked.

Collectively, we had a plethora of cheeses and toppings to choose from. To name a few, we had: pepperoni, tomato, onion, jalapeƱo pepper, green pepper, pear, feta cheese, pecorino cheese, croutons, and walnut. Rose bought the dough from Rigoletto, a pizzeria on the UWS. I've never worked with pizza dough before, but found it very difficult to flatten and round out. My pizza took on the shape of an amoeba more than the usual round pie. Nonetheless, the final result was tasty.

From top to bottom: P adding toppings to his "thin-crust" masterpiece, T spreading some cheese on his pie, B's pizza before baking, my pizza before baking, B's pizza after baking, an array of everyone's.


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