January 20, 2010

More Dumpling Experiments



Dumpling dinner


What is better than a few dumplings? More dumplings!!! I decided to use up my leftover wrappers and make some on my own. As I didn't have any guests to satisfy, I had the freedom to experiment with the recipe. Being the nerd that I am, I actually made three batches of filling and assigned one as the "control" group and the two others as "experimental" groups. I'll save you from the nitty gritty, but here are the highlights in my observations:

+ Must add the egg to the meat. Otherwise, the pork gets really dry (blah)

+ Mince the ginger extra finely; it might not hurt to sauté it a bit beforehand

+ The leafy top part of the Napa cabbage is much better than the crunchy bottom in my opinion

+ Adding onions is better than leaving them out, it helps draw out extra flavor

+ Shiitake mushrooms are awesome in these babies... add as many as you like, but it's better to blanch or sauté first

+ Chinese cooking wine (darker in color and more sweet in odor) is much better than regular white cooking wine

More research must be made...


Tangled Noodle said...

Great tips! I've made dumplings a few times before but nothing like these - they are luminescent (I've been waiting to use that word to describe someone's food!)

steph said...

I love the photo of the dumplings boiling in the pot! I need to make me some dumplings now...

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