February 2, 2010

Bento Box Battles: Yama

Yama Bento Box



Contestant: Yama

Location: 30-40 Carmine St., West Village

Order: Very Special Set Bento Box

Cost: $10.25 not including tax

Contents: 1 chicken "teriyaki" filet, 6-piece California roll, 2-piece shrimp tempura, 3-piece veggie tempura, 3-piece shumai, edamame, pickled dried seaweed, white rice

Good: There are so many items!

Bad: Chicken is really gummy and very dry (borderline inedible), no miso soup

Verdict: C. While there were a lot of items, nothing was perfected (tempura may have been the closest). Ironically, there was nothing "very special" about this set other than its reasonable price. My office neighbor A ordered another bento box with me and also had the same complaints about the chicken. I would have traded the seaweed and chicken in for a miso soup. Yama offers soup with the bento box when you dine in, but not when it's being taken out. I'm not sure what the logic behind that is, especially when they do not offer delivery during lunchtime.


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