April 10, 2010

Slice: The Perfect Food


The Miki Pizza

Slice West Village Internior

Grabbing Lunch at Slice W. VillagePutting on a Temp Tattoo

Slice secret: wear this tattoo and get free dessert!

On a gorgeous Tuesday, I took a stroll up Hudson Street to a restaurant called Slice. I met up with A (a.k.a. @RavenousPanda) for lunch, a fellow tweeter who shared the same love for food and pandas. A currently works with Slice, so she was able to tell me about how the organic pizza company came to be. The concept of making healthy and delectable comfort food was initially aimed to satisfy the cravings of two ultra athletic women: Miki and Radha. They are sisters, the co-owners of Slice, and extreme sport enthusiasts. They wanted to create a speedy and simple hunger quencher that tasted great and was also good for you.

I'm always in favor of eating healthier, but have trouble sacrificing the richness that you most often get from high-fat delights. So when it came time to order, I must admit that I wasn't incredibly turned on when A asked, "do you like chickpeas?" However I've never been one to turn down a new combination and A claimed to have dreams about it, so we selected the Taste of India (right) and the Miki (left). The Taste of India featured a channa masala (organic chickpea curry, onions, fresh tomatoes), and part-skim organic mozzarella over a honey whole wheat crust. The Miki had free-range crumbled chicken "sausage," basil pesto, goat cheese, fresh & sundried tomatoes, and fresh basil on top of a honey whole wheat crust.

To my pleasant surprise, Taste of India was awesome! I don't think I've ever enjoyed eating chickpeas that much before. The channa masala was incredibly flavorful, spicy, and matched well with the organic mozzarella. The Miki was also delicious and full of interesting flavors. I was quite impressed with the overall execution—the speed, quality of the ingredients, and presentation were superb. Each NY-sized slice was cut up into four smaller triangles to make sharing a breeze.

This geometric icon also happens to be their logo, an enigmatic symbol of perfection. For me, it's actually very reminiscent of my old sorority pledge pin! Funny enough, Slice also uses it as an "in-the-know" identifier; A slipped me a few temporary tattoos of the logo and gave me a demo. If your waiter sees you wearing it the next time you dine there, you'll be offered a free dessert. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough time to stay for sweets, but I heard that the chocolate brownie (egg and dairy free) is amazing!


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