June 22, 2010

Sushi Yasuda


Peace Passage Oyster

Sea Scallop

There are already enough blog entries out there that hail Sushi Yasuda to be one of the best sushi experiences that they've ever had, so I won't reiterate what's already out there. Instead, I just want to showcase my favorite pieces from the omakase.

Our wonderful chef, Shoji-san, took us on a euphoric journey across many delicacies of the sea. At the top is a beautiful slice of hamachi (yellowtail), also known as my gateway fish. That Spring Break in the Bahamas with my sashimi-loving friend changed my gastronomic life forever. The middle photo is of the peace passage oyster—love at first bite. The oyster was succulent and creamy, like the foie gras of the sea. The last photo is of the sea scallop, our favorite of them all, had a bit of chewiness (which I love). The buttery and briny flavor really won our tastebuds over and we had to cheer for an encore.

Sushi Yasuda is best enjoyed with a buddy; skip the tables and sit at the bar. Also skip the appetizers and focus on the sashimi and nigiri. Make sure to budget about $100-150 for 20 or so pieces, plus sake or dessert.

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nellie said...

Absolutely love Sushi Yasuda-- some of the freshest fish in New York goes through there. And Yasuda-san himself is pretty awesome! I love sitting at the counter and talking to the sushi masters while they work. Awesome photos! The Peace Passage oyster looks phenomenal side cut flanking the rice.

Kung Food Panda said...

I've been here and loved the sushi dinner I had. Sadly, I asked for Yasuda-san to be my sushi chef of the evening, but he had a VIP client that requested him well, even though I was promised him for 90mins. Oh wells, still a great place for sushi!

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