August 31, 2010

Dirt Candy

Chicken Drumstick or Tempura Poached Egg?


Carrot Steamed Buns

I recently watched Dirt Candy's Amanda Cohen duke it out against my chef idol Morimoto on Iron Chef America. I probably shouldn't have, but I guess it was better to have watched after my meal there than before. Why? Guess you'll have to find out for yourself!!! (Alton Brown captured my feelings so well during the show). What I can tell you is this: the episode's secret ingredient was broccoli! Also, one of Cohen's battle dishes featured a tempura poached egg, which I had experienced at her restaurant a few weeks ago. Like judge Kelly Hu's reaction, I found it to be quite aromatic, but lacking in flavor (guess it needed more salt?) Regardless, my overall meal at Dirt Candy was very delicious. I came away feeling just as satiated as I would have leaving a steakhouse (and now I know why). As Cohen puts it, Dirt Candy is not a vegetarian restaurant. "It's a vegetable restaurant." There is quite a difference, I think.


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