April 12, 2010

Hudson Terrace Craft Beer Festival

Beer Tasting by Sunset

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Hudson Terrace lights up!

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Want to trade in old-fashioned love for liquid romance instead? The Hudson Terrace Craft Beer Festival would have been your ultimate speed date. There were over 50 types of beer and just two hours to discover your next summer fling. As part of an ongoing  Cocktail Series, which I received free tickets to attend from them, the festival attracted a mix of established beer-lovers and curious newbies. From fruit-tinted summer ales to toasty IPA's, there was a flavor for everyone. B and I both found some new favorites and re-encountered some old friends (e.g., The Pourhouse Bomb).

I particularly liked the following:
  • Blue Point Blueberry Ale: If you didn't know, I'm a huge fan of anything with blueberries. This beer was no exception. It had a light hint of blueberry that was easy to drink. I'd imagine that this beer would pair well with a blueberry muffin or other fruit. 
  • Southampton Double White: I love citrusy Belgian whites like Hoegaarden, so this super-intense double white really hit the spot. It's slightly more bold in flavor, but had a great crisp finish. 
  • Trouges Prima Pils: This beer smells amazing; the scent is a mixture of citrus, herbs, and hops. It's as smooth as a baby's bottom, full-flavored, and crisp. I'd love to pair this with some oysters.
Out of the 50-something brews, I probably only tried seven varieties. I know that's pretty embarrassing. I probably would've been able to try a few more if it wasn't so difficult to get samples! There were a lot of people at the event and the general setup had trouble accommodating heavy traffic flow. Bottlenecks would frequently occur and I was only able to handle the human gauntlet so many times.

Overall, we definitely enjoyed the gorgeous evening breeze, slick music, and the beer. Of course, these events will only get better as the weather becomes increasingly warmer. The next Cocktail Series event at the Hudson Terrace is a Tequila, Margaritas & Cerveza tasting on May 6th. Just in time to celebrate a belated Cinco de Mayo!

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Anna said...

Ooh I really like blueberry ale. There is a blueberry wheat ale that comes from a brewery near my hometown that always seemed to show up at gatherings there. One of the only beers I really, truly enjoy.

Julie said...

Anna: Do you know the name of that blueberry wheat ale that you're talking about? Would love to keep my eye out for it! :)

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